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Collagen Injections Alternative

Why do Lines appear ?
In young skin, the collagen framework is intact and the skin remains moisturized and elastic. It’s resilient to the many facial expressions we adopt as well as everyday environmental exposure. But, over time, the support structure weakens and the skin loses its elasticity. The skin begins to lose its tone as the collagen support wears down. Every time you smile, frown or squint, you put stress on the collagen in your skin. The effect of these facial expressions is cumulative and facial lines begin to appear. 

What else can I do if I dont want injections ?
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Collagen and Lips..... 

CollagenInjections Alternative

Paris Lip Back
Lips that deserve to be kissed need to be kept in perfect condition As the lips contain few sebaceous glands always use a softening and moisturising balm. Choose your lipstick carefully, look for a moisturising formula in a colour that complements your skin tone. If you have a poorly defined lip line, try a little Collagen Instant Therapy to enhance the lips. If your lips are uneven or simply lacking in fullness, Collagen Instant Therapy can give you the look you want.
The Paris Lip technique uses implants that have been used for over ten years by more than half a million women and men to smooth out facial lines between the brows and around the eyes, nose and mouth. The procedure is quick and simple and most of our clients are out of the clinic in about half an hour
Quick Guide to Injections
Procedure: Plump up creased, furrowed, or sunken facial skin; add fullness to lips and backs of hands. Works best on thin, dry, light-coloured skin.
Length:15 minutes to 1 hour per session.
Anaesthesia: Usually none; local may be included with the injection.
In/Outpatient: Outpatient.
Side Effects of Injections: Temporary stinging, throbbing, or burning sensation. Faint redness, swelling.
Risks of Injections: Allergic reaction including rash, hives, swelling, or flu-like symptoms; possible triggering of connective-tissue or autoimmune diseases. (A skin test is required before collagen injections to determine whether an allergy exists.) Contour irregularities, infection.
Duration of Results: Variable; a few months to 1 year.
Pre-treatment Skin Tests
Prior to injection with collagen, two skin tests are performed to ensure that no allergy to collagen will cause a reaction.

Collagen Replacement Therapy.....

Collagen Injections

Collagen Injections
Bovine collagen injections are made from extracted cow skin, which is purified, sterilized and processed into a liquid form before being used for cosmetic purposes, Bovine collagen injections results typically last between six weeks to a year depending on the type of injection used.

Because collagen is a protein that breaks down naturally in the body, bovine collagen injections are not permanent. The effects of bovine collagen injections can vary depending on the type of injection filler material used. Zyderm I is used to treat more superficial scars, while Zyderm II can treat deeper scars and those with a greater surface area. Zyplast can be used for longer and deeper scars and imperfections.
Patients may notice slight throbbing or stinging in the treatment area for a few hours after the injections have been given. Redness at the injection site will disappear after 24 hours, and some temporary swelling or bruising may occur.
If the swelling or redness continues for more than a few days, a physician should be contacted immediately.

Several weeks after the collagen injections have been performed, the purified bovine collagen will break up and be replaced by newly formed human collagen. However, this too will be reabsorbed by the body, and subsequent injections must be administered in order to maintain a youthful appearance.

New collagen injections are recommended every three to six months depending on how quickly the body absorbs the new collagen. In rare instances, collagen injections have been known to last for one to two years.

Collagen Capsules.....

Collagen Capsules Tub Type I Type II
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Marine Collagen Gel
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