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Col-boost collagen skin care put to the test.

By Danielle James

Celebrities are big fans of collagen, for those us who do not want to resort to injections are collagen capsules and creams the answer ?

Col-boost collagen capsules and skin care products boast high levels of collagen in all their products. Collagen is a protein that maintains the elasticity and suppleness of your skin.

Apart from collagen the face gel is a natural based product that draws its ingredients from the sea.

An interesting ingredient is the Marine Collagen that is said to boost collagen and reduce the depth of wrinkles.

The first time I tried the collagen cream I loved the way it melted into my skin, after taking the capsules and using the cream after 2 weeks I noticed a difference in my skin, it looked much smoother and was getting complements that my skin was glowing.

I have been told that the full effect of the collagen is more noticeable after about 3 months, cant wait to see the final result !

The Telegraph

Japanese eat collagen in attempt to stay young
Japan's ageing population is trying to eat itself young with the latest trend in wrinkle reduction: dining on collagen.

By Danielle Demetriou in Tokyo 5:36AM GMT 12 Jan 2009

From winter hot pots and pigs trotters to sweets, jams and noodles, Japanese women are embracing a raft of new foods and menus which are promoted as being rich in collagen.

Across the country, a growing number of "beauty" restaurants are specifically devoted to serving collagen hot pots in which clear chunks of the translucent tasteless protein are melted into a medley of vegetables, meat or fish.

Dishes which are naturally rich in collagen such as pigs trotters, shark fin and chicken skin have also soared in popularity and are appearing on menus in restaurants as anti-ageing specials.

Meanwhile, supermarket shelves and convenience store shelves are piled high collagen-rich food products, including noodles, sweets and supplements.

Sales of collagen hot pots - known as "nabe" ­ at 7,300 outlets of the convenience store chain Family Mart have also sold more than double their initial target since going on sale last November, according to reports....

Collagen News The Sun..... 

Collagen Sience

Beckham gets World Cup hope
By RICHARD WHITE, Showbiz Reporter

Published: 19 Mar 2010
A TOP sports professor claimed yesterday he could heal crocked David Beckham in time for the World Cup.

Becks' hopes of making the England squad for South Africa in June looked over after he tore an Achilles tendon while playing for AC Milan on Sunday.

Offer ... Professor Greg Whyte
But Greg Whyte - who helped fix Goldenballs' metatarsal injury before the 2002 World Cup - said massive doses of collagen in pill form could dramatically speed his recovery.

Ex-World Championship pentathlon silver medallist Prof Whyte has used collagen, a protein, to aid tissue regeneration in the past.

Pentathlon team-mate James Greenwell feared his career was over after rupturing an Achilles tendon in 1994. But he was running in 22 days and three months later did a personal best. Prof Whyte, once injury adviser to Manchester United, runs a business selling collagen.

He said: "It is definitely something I would recommend for David. It can help heal quickly. The World Cup can be done." A spokesman for Beckham, 34, said: "David has leading care and advice."

Evening Standard.....

Collagen News

Need to inject... collagen is in the food at London restaurant

Sophie Goodchild, Health and Social Affairs Correspondent
10 Feb 2011

It has long been the "miracle" ingredient in anti-ageing creams and beauty treatments. Now collagen you can eat is on the menu at a London restaurant for the first time.

Chef Ian Pengelley at Gilgamesh has created a selection of dishes using the protein, reputed to banish wrinkles and keep skin looking youthful.

The Eat Yourself Beautiful menu is aimed at image-conscious diners and has been launched in time for the awards season, when celebrities need to look their best on the red carpet.

"Beauty" restaurants are already high- ly popular in Japan, where chunks of the tasteless protein are melted and mixed in hotpots called nabe and in meat and fish dishes.

The trend started there two years ago with stores selling collagen-rich foods including noodles, sweets and supplements. Pan-Asian restaurant Gilgamesh, in Camden, is the first to introduce it to the capital. Dishes include collagen inside-out dumpling, collagen bento box of chargrilled salmon, and collagen goji berry sorbet....

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