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Mens Collagen
Boost Skin Hair Loss Joints & Fitness

Is Collagen for Men ?
YES most definatly! Collagen has the same amazing effects for men as it does for women.
It has been shown to reduce skin ageing, and to repair muscle damage and boost cartilage production after exercises
Collagen helps reduse hair loss. 

Collagen and Hair Loss.....

Collagen For Hair Loss

Worried About Hair Loss Try ColBoost Capsules ?
Collagen Supplements provide protein and amino acids that are critical for hair growth. What makes collagen so special is it’s balance of amino acids that make up the pure protein provided. Glycine, proline, alanine and arginine are mostly responsible for what makes collagen so unique in it’s benefits for hair loss.

The dynamic action of collagen can increase body temperature and improve blood circulation, which in turn can help hair growth.[1]

When taking collagen supplements, it is possible results can be shown after taking them for a period of three months. Some reports have shown that having both a deficiency and or excess of essential amino acids can have an effect on hair.

Glycine can help with stress and improve sleep quality. It’s inhibitory effects can help with an excess of essential amino acids such as tryptophan.

Arginine is one of the most important amino acids for hair growth. It can help immune function, reducing hair loss from disease. Where arginine shines is it’s role in producing nitric oxide, a compund which helps improve blood circulation and the supply of nutrients to, you guessed it, the hair follicles themselves. Arginine can help improve the very first stages of hair growth.

Lysine can help inhibit 5 alpha reductase, an enzyme shown be a prominent factor in male pattern baldness. It can also provide a better absorption of iron, of which the deficiency of has been linked to excessive hair shedding and hair loss.

All of these amino acids can help provide a structure for the protein makeup of the hair, along with improving blood circulation through collagen’s high dynamic action. Vital Proteins Collagen Supplements may be a beneficial treatment for those with loss of hair.

[1] Rapport, D. The Specific Dynamic Action of Gelatin Hydrolysates, J. Biol. Chem. (1926) p. 76

Collagen and Fitness.....

Collagen for Fitness

Collagen Promotes a Strong Body
Hydrolysed Collagen is known to be an effective, natural appetite suppressant, in which many clinical studies have proven the satiating effect to promote weight loss (1,2).
Additionally, unlike some weight-loss-promoting products, Hydrolysed Collagen contains no fillers, hormones, acids and is not produced with any forms of harsh processing that may affect the normal functioning of your body. Hydrolysed collagen has also proven to show a decrease in fats, avoiding clogging of the arteries and increased organ support. (4)
Individuals could therefore benefit from losing weight by consuming collagen, due to a decreased desire to eat and helping the body feel naturally fuller for longer without bad side effects.

Collagen is a powerful molecule that promotes a multitude of benefits to assist the needs and demands for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

Consuming Hydrolysed Collagen has the ability to aid the promotion of a natural source of Creatine in the body, the amino acid essential for building new muscle after exercise and provide bouts of energy.

A high percentage of our bone is made of collagen and controls of how strong our  joints are.

Not providing your body with the necessary essential amino acids it needs to build up the proteins required for support, will result in the break down of proteins in the body. This could have an effect on your joints weak and force your bones to lose density.

 (1) Veldhorst M A breakfast with a-lactalbumin protein Clinical Nutrition vol 28 p 147 2009
(2) Martin A Advanced nutritional intakes Ed. Tec. & Doc Paris 2001
(4) Clark, K.L. et al., 2008, 24-week study on the use of collagen hydrolysate as a dietary supplement in athletes with activity-related joint pain.

Type I II Pure Collagen Caplules.....

ColBoost 100% Collagen Capsules & Skin Care
Collagen is used by celebrities for younger looking skin, glossy hair & strong nails.
Results show collagen treatment is a real breakthrough for reversing the ageing process.

Collagen products are used by men & women of all ages.
By the age of about 45 our collagen level can decrease by as much as 30 percent.

Formular For: Skin - Hair - Nails - Joints
Colboost Capsules are Bovine Collagen as its the closest match to human collagen available and contains Type1 for Skin, Hair and nails + Type 11 for joints.
The Collagen is hydrolysed so the product can be absorbed and into the body very quickly ready for use. We use Marine Collagen in the skin care as it has different properties and works well applied to the skin.

Collagen Capsules Recommendations
Each tub contains 90 capsules
Each capsule contains 400mg of Bovine Collagen
A course of three months recommended for best results
A three month course = x3 Tubs 
This dose can be safely increased for an additional boost in the repair of injuries to up to 9 capsules a day.

 For maximum results the collagen capsules should be taken prior to going to bed
 Do not eat 1 1/2 hrs before taking capsules, the emptier your stomach the better.
 Instead of swallowing 3 Capsules can break open into fresh orange juice and mix.
 Taking Vitamin C will further enhance absorption and give you optimum results.
 Drink 1 1/2 litres of water daily to help aid the detoxifying & regeneration process.

These Capsules are Manufactured in the U.K under GMP standards 
FDA & EPA registered.

Healthy Strong Body

Type I II Pure Collagen Caplules.....
Read more about collagen capsules.....
Amount of Tubs
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Triple Marine Collagen Gel.....

Triple Marine Collagen Gel 100ml

Triple Collagen gel is a light easily absorbed Gel that contains three powerfull Collagen boosing ingredients, Marine Collagen, Marine Algae and Retinol A

The Organic Aloe base and does not make the skin feel sticky.
This Collagen Gel can not only be used as a moisturiser but has been formulated with the added benefit of having a natural skin lifting effect.
The Collagen Gel gel is also great to use after shaving as it will sooth and cool the skin. The Aloe will also help to heal any nics from shaving.

Our Collagen gel is natural and highly compatible with human skin.
Regular use of the Collagen Gel will help plump the skin and fight fine lines and wrinkles.

For best results use in conjunction with col-boost collagen capsules.
Products are packed with Collagen boosting ingredients.

Organic and Natural ingredients free from nasty chemicals.
NO Parabens NO Colours NO Perfume NO Alcohol NO Animal testing

Collagen Gel For All skin types. Day or Night

Key Ingredients in Skin Superfood Collagen Gel
Organic Aloe Vera, Marine Collagen Complex, Hauloronic acid, Marine Algae Extract, Vitamin A Retinol, Rosewood, Rose Hip Extract.

Soothing Antiageing After Shave Gel

Triple Marine Collagen Gel 100ml