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Collagen Antiageing
Effects on Skin Hair Nails

Beauty from within repairing skin from the inside out.
Collagen is a natural product found in our body, as we age collagen is reduced causing decreased elasticity in skin. Collagen accounts for Seventy-five percent of the skin's volume!

What is collagen ? 

Collagen is the fibrous structural protein that makes up the white fibers of skin, tendon, bone, cartilage, and all other connective tissues. It is also found dispersed in gels of the body to provide stiffening, such as in the vitreous humour of the eye. In other words, collagen is the natural protein that composes most of the body’s structural support and is the primary substance of connective tissue. It is the fibrous connective tissue that holds our body together. Collagen is present in all
multi-cellular organisms.

Collagen gives the different organs and tissues their strength and elastic properties. Twenty-five percent of the dry protein weight of the human body is collagen.
About thirty percent of our entire body is collagen.

Collagen is part of the natural make-up of tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles, hair, skin, and vital organs. When the body’s essential supply of collagen is reduced, the body is affected. Weakness, fatigue, aches, pains, and an overall lack of performance are frequent symptoms of the problem.

Besides its many structural properties, collagen serves as the major catalyst for growth and repair of nearly all the body’s tissues. Many different ageing diseases are related to the body’s supply of this vital protein and to disorders in the collagen itself. When our body’s collagen production is out of stock, so are we!

Collagen Boosts Hair and Nails..... 

Collagen For Nail Growth

Slow Production
The body’s production of collagen in the skin begins dropping around the age of twenty-five. But, it really picks up speed in the forties and fifties. Many studies have demonstrated that our skin’s natural production of collagen decreases at a rate of 1% per year after the age of forty. So, by the time a person reaches fifty-five, they have lost and additional fifteen percent of their collagen production capacity. By age seventy, the loss is over thirty percent and climbing.

Collagen benefits are not just skin deep, ans play a role in healthy hair and nails. Hair is made up primarily of keratin protein, which is produced most effectively when amino acids are supplied by the blood.

When collagen proteins are absorbed into the small intestine, they help to increase this pool of amino acids, which are then used by hair follicle cells to produce keratin protein for healthy hair. 

Hair loss affects millions of people, when taking collagen supplements, it is possible that hair growth can be shown after about three months. Arginine is one of the most important amino acids for hair growth. It can help produce nitric oxide, a compund which helps improve blood circulation and the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles.

Lysine can help inhibit 5 alpha reductase which is an enzyme shown have a major role in male pattern baldness. 

The amino acids above can help provide building blocks for the protein construction of the hair and improve blood circulation.

Replaceing collagen in the hair shaft can improve hair growth. ColBoost Collagen capsules strengthen hair and increase the diameter of individual hairs, giving your hair an overall thicker appearance. 

Similarly, fingernails and toenails are also made of keratin, and rest on a nail bed made of skin dermis. Ageing can lead to brittle and dry nails as this dermis deteriorates. By supplementing with ColBoost Collagen, the nail bed’s health can be restored through a boost of both collagen and HA.

Collagen and Ageing Skin.....

Collagen For Antiaging Skin

Lack of collagen, or the body’s improper use of collagen, is the stuff that old age is made of. We first notice it on the outside of our bodies when tiny lines and wrinkles. By that time, the lack of collagen production and collagen damage is already affecting the inside of our bodies.

With continued aging, our connective tissue and muscle tissue breaks down due to an increase in collagen deficiency and damage. As a result, we experience a weakening of our skeletal structure. Collagen deficiency sneaks up on us under the radar.

Outside the body, the slowing of the skin’s production of collagen with age becomes increasingly more pronounced.
The skin starts to wrinkle. It loses the youthful glow that our spouse and loved ones once admired.

The appearance of healthful radiance vanishes. Soon we develop ridges and furrows, red marks and brown spots. Our skin dries out in places.

Research scientists have been aware of the problem, but until very recently there was little that could be done because most non-medical collagen supplementation was useless. The body was simply unable to assimilate it.

Beauty While You Sleep
Atre you getting your beauty sleep ? As you drift off for a good night's sleep, your skin is working on damage repair and cellular renewal. Collagen Capsules and Marine Collagen Gel are working hard inside and out, beauty while you sleep, that's why they are taken at night.

Research shows that most of the body’s vital metabolic repair work takes place when we sleep. During this rebuilding and maintenance state the body searches for available collagen needed by the body. This is why what you put on your skin and what products you take each night is of great importance

Glycine contained in collagen hydrolysate also has the ability to relieve stress and reduce anxiety due to it’s properties of being a neurotransmitter with the ability to promote therapeutic alterations in the body. These factors can lead to a decrease in stress, anxiety, depression and again, promote a better night’s sleep.

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